Try-out all the features of the Realia App on this test page!

With the realia App you can immediately verify if the product is really Made in Italy, in this way you can make your purchases with greater awareness helping to protect the Made in Italy from the phenomenon of Italian sounding.
The Realia App recognizes autonomously if the company is based in Italy, but provides a completely positive check only if the product has been registered in the database of the partner companies.

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Test the Realia App

Frame the image (click to enlarge) and scan the products with the free Realia app.
You will discover immediately what is the only real Made in Italy oil among those proposed and you will see all its peculiarities through a new experience in augmented reality #MadeinItalyExperience.

Test Realia App Custom AR Video
Realia App Test: Made in Italy Augmented Reality

Recognition of multiple products simultaneously

To identify at a glance all authentic Italian products in the same exhibition area.

You will appreciate it very much because you will can immediately identify authentic products by browsing entire shelves or display displays.

Not just agri-food!

Try also the functionality with product code:

With your Realia App frame the barcode of the products in the picture (click to enlarge) and immediately discover which product is truly Made in Italy!

Realia App Test: Barcode EAN