Realia is an Italian Innovative Startup with cultural purposes.

Our main objectives are the promotion and the protection of the “Made in Italy”. We operate globally without making any distinctions between the various categories of products.

Realia is the “place” where people who are part of this project combine their individual efforts with those of others to achieve a greater common goal.

We believe in collaboration as a way to unite background history and different types of expertise, under the same guidelines. We believe that this is the best way to grow every great innovative project.
Within its appropriate sector, each member is welcome to contribute, actively participate in the organization’s community and share its experience in order to develop new projects, which are necessary to achieve our shared vision.
In order to make the first steps towards the primary goals, Realia works and collaborates with several reliable specialized partners. Sure that the way that we have chosen has been then confirmed by some of  the most competent organizations in the field.

Our firm has found support from the most important organizations and national institutions with whom we proudly collaborates. These supporting realities include several professional association, local organization of businesses, agencies and entities that facilitate the export and the internationalization of the enterprises.

In order to introduce the peculiarities of the Made in Italy and to pursue its institutional goals, Realia collaborates with leading international communication agencies that provide the necessary skills to optimize promotional campaigns in foreign countries.

The Auditors are some of the many professional figures that collaborate with Realia. They play a fundamental role and they are guarantors of impartiality during the evaluation procedures.
The auditors’ main tasks are: to examine the qualifying member’s submitted documentation, to conduct audit operations and to issue a certificate of conformity, in respect to Realia’s specifications and to the applicable standards.