What is Realia

Realia is a free app that allows you to check if a product that appears to be Italian is actually Made in Italy.
Realia is a verification system made available for customers and companies, which, through its homonymous free App, allows you to obtain an instant feedback on the real authenticity of the analyzed Made in Italy products.
The App is the customer’s interface and it is based on an important verification system. It aims to check the information provided by the Italian companies by using Realia’s own qualitative specifications, which were drawn up in collaboration with the CSQA verification body.

Not just supply chain and raw materials…
We collect information regarding the production processes, the involved industrial facilities, the supply chain, as well as examine the origin and the quality of the used raw materials. This is to ensure that the output of the production can really be considered Made in Italy, both in terms of customs and in quality of the product, which must comply with the quality standards found in Realia’s technical regulations.

Discover Realia

Realia’s accreditation system was designed to be able to analyze all those values that represent the real essence and the true meaning of the Made in Italy.
Realia does not only obsessively evaluate the provenance of the raw materials, but it also analyzes a whole series of factors that are hard to include in the current certification protocols.
For instance, we think about values such as the objective beauty, the design, the Realia, the ability to innovate, the tradition, the history, the profile and the goals of the business, as well as the main composition of its staff.
All these values are not any less important than others and they contribute in a tangible way to what we like to define as the “Italianness” of a product.

What is the purpose of Realia?

With the Realia App, you could easily and independently check the truthfulness of the information reported on the product’s label.
It is simple and legal to insert Italian elements on a product’s label: it is sufficient to recall an Italian landscape, or write a name or a text that sounds Italian, to make you think that it could be a Made in Italy product.
In fact, many companies play with these communication elements to make their product be perceived as a product of higher quality that is associated with the prestige of the Made in Italy marking.

How could you then be so sure that the product you are holding is really Made in Italy, and especially of Italian quality?
Simple: use the Realia App!

If the company is part of our network and we have inserted their products in our system (upon verifying their items), you will receive an immediate feedback on their real authenticity and you will find plenty of interesting information.

If a product is in Realia’s database:

  • the manufacturing company wants to emphasize the quality and how Italian their item is.
  • the information on the product’s label is truthful and has been screened by an impartial third-party company.

Realia internationally promotes Italian heritage
Realia promotes the knowledge of the Made in Italy products, in Italy and abroad, by deepening the different peculiarities of the Italian cultural heritage. It makes international consumers aware of the spreading of counterfeit products, as well as imitations of Italian products. In some product segments, these counterfeit items account for about 2/3 of the total reference market.

How Realia works

Verify the product with your Smartphone! There are 3 different verification methods available, including the newest feature of Augmented Reality for a unique “Made in Italy experience!”

Verify the “Italianness” of the items that interest you, by:

  • pointing the camera towards the product or its entire label. Discover all the available information through a fantastic Augmented Reality experience.
Realia Made in Italy Products Recognition App
  • simply scan the barcode on the product and get all the information discovering the product page.
Made in Italy Products Recognition App
  • simply scan the QR code on the product and get all the information discovering the product page.
Realia Made in Italy products